Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody always have questions about who and what is this artist guy called John F. Moore. Well here are the answers.....

What is your story - My Resume should explain my situation.


January 2007 to November 5, 2010    Stornoway Communications         North York, ON

Web/Graphic Designer

• Web/Graphic Designer

• Maintained the 4 websites, 1 website corporate and 3 other used to promote Tier 2 Digital TV Stations. Stornoway Communications is no longer in business. The links are either dead or someone else has purchased them.

• Maintained the sites via Dreamweaver/Flash and MySQL

• Produced on-air Broadcast Graphics

• Produced print materials for on-location events, well as promotional brochures and flyers

• Created and produced 3 monthly e-mail newsletters, as well as special events/bulletins,

• In my spare time (at night and weekends), I’ve maintained numerous website based on WordPress. I have extensive experience in Plugins, Widgets and automated content.

August 2005 to November, 2006    Netvisual Media Networks         Belleville, ON

Animator/Graphic Designer

• Sole designer of Plasma Screen advertisements for retailers and service providers in the Quinte Region,

• Done primarily in AfterEffects, Flash 8, Illustrator 10 and Photoshop CS

March 2005 to June 2005          Iko-Software Technologies.          Vaughan, ON

Game/Graphic Designer

• Designed 10 Poker Games for downloading purposes,

• Worked on a 3D slot games, designed using 3D Studio Max and Photoshop

April 2004 to March 2005

Freelance Web Design in Eastern Ontario/Western USA

2001 - April 2004          Z Touch Systems, Inc.          Las Vegas, NV

Graphic/Web Designer

• Chief Designer of Sales and Marketing material (Brochures, Posters & Reports).

• Designed several large scale signs/print outs.

• Designed numerous websites and back ends for various clients. 

• Solely responsible for the look and feel of the Z Touch Systems Virtual Private Network

  (enclosed Intranet).  Designed it so it was dummy-proof.

• Created Logos/cash card designs for various clients such as Bluko, ZZ Cash, 

  GPX Global Card and Cash Anywhere.

2000 - 2001             Media Central Productions    Las Vegas, NV

Graphic Designer

• Chief Designer  responsible for such Las Vegas clients as Fletcher Jones Toyota, Vista Chevrolet,

  Wheeler’s RV, Fletcher Jones Lexus and Las Vegas Athletic Club.

• Designed, created and maintained many client sites

• Worked on many newspaper ads for the Sonic Group Dealerships and Integrity Chrysler-Plymouth in

  Las Vegas, Nevada.

• Updated and maintained the company web site.

• Regularly designed billboard advertisements for the Las Vegas Valley.

• Created numerous 2D/3D corporate logos.

• Wrote creative copy for B2C brochures, newsletters and pamphlets

1998 - 2000          Acres Gaming Inc.                    Las Vegas, NV

3D Graphic Artist

• Head Graphic Artist

• Pioneered the gaming graphics of Acres’ Bonus System via Plasma screens.

• Solely created graphics for 5 bonus games at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

• Created and came up with the game concept and graphics of Bulls Eye Bonus.

• Produced over 25 game ideas for Top Box Conversion Kits for the Bally 5500 Slot Machine

• Created 4 working Top Box Conversion Kits glass designs for the Bally 7200 Slot Machine.

1997 - 1998          Up in the Air Productions          Las Vegas, NV

3D Graphic Artist

• Created undersea graphics for the Fremont Street Experience show - “The Rescue.”

1996 - 1997          Komani Gaming                        Buffalo Grove, IL


• Created Game Play Animations and Cinematics for the published title “Bottom of the Ninth 97

  Edition” for the PlayStation 1 game console.

• Created 2D animations from their famous shoot-em up arcade games to the PlayStation

  1 game console.

1995 - 1996          North Star Studios                     San Mateo, CA

Computer Graphic Artist

• Created game play animations and cinematics for the following games: Monstrous City and

   3D Decathlon.


Software - 3D Packages:

Discreet’s 3D Studio Max, Avid’s Softimage, Corel Bryce, Poser, Rhino 3D, some AutoCad and Swift 3D

Software - 2D Packages:

Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady, Illustrator and Streamline. InDesign, Macromedia Flash MX, Freehand,

Fireworks, Quark Xpress, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe PageMaker and D Paint.

Software - 2D Animation Packages:

Adobe AfterEffects, Premiere, Discreet’s Animator Studio, Macromedia Flash MX and Swishmax.

Software - Html Editors:

Microsoft FrontPage 2000, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX & Flash MX

Web Language/Internet:

HTML, DHTML, SHTML, CSS, XML, PHP, JavaScript, Action Scripting 1 & 2, some Visual Basic and MS Office & CMS – Drupal 5.01 & MySQL (Website Updates), WordPress (Latest version, plus familiarity with Plugins and Widgets.


Television Broadcasting & Film Design - Loyalist College - Belleville, Ontario

Technical Animation - Sheridan College - Oakville, Ontario

BFA in Fine Arts - New York Institute of Technology - Old Westbury, NY

Computer Animation - Sheridan College - Oakville, Ontario

Are you available for hire?

Yes. It depends on the project you have on plans for.

What is your present situation?

Currently my main source of employment is my beer and wine tour business. It is called Ride With Here is the link.