Who I’m I?

I am a freelanced Artist/Graphic Designer based in Picton, Ontario and offering a wide range of high quality, professional graphic and creation services.

Summary of Qualifications

20 plus years in the visual arts industry. Started using Photoshop in 1994 on a professional basis. Had the pleasure of working for Steven Spielberg on two animated features, American Tail Two: Fievel Goes West & Were Back: A Dinosaur Story.

My Story

My last full time “Graphic” job was with Stornoway Communications. (2007 to 2010) I frequently had the opportunity to use my web editing skills. I was able to increase the number of unique visitors from a average of 250 per day (bpm:tv.com) to around 1500 per day. I also have proven ability with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Creative Suite Dreamweaver. Other functions I provided for Stornoway Communications were designing and building splash pages, web banners, both still and animated, flash components, reformatting raw videos into web playable videos using Sorrenson Squeeze and on ocasion, broadcast graphics and show opening using Adobe AfterEffects and 3D Studio Max.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, I worked for 3 companies (1997 to 2004), 1 in casino gaming producing area bonusing games, game graphics and creative direction for other artists. At Media Central Productions, I worked with the Avid Editor creating graphics and show openings.Media Central made good use of my working experience of 3D Studio Max and other Autodesk products. The other function this boutique shop had for me was putting together car advertisements for at least 4 car dealerships in the Las Vegas area.These ads appeared in The Las Vegas Review Journal. At other times I found myself doing media kits for casinos, creating logos for other entertainment venues and doing the odd billboard which graced the Las Vegas skyline.

Finally at ZTouch Systems Inc, I was working in many areas of creative design, both online (web site design, kiosk interfaces and animated banners) and offline, or traditional print media – media kits, Point of Sale advertising and signs.

I have a art and graphic history that dates back to June 1987. I will have a detailed resume that will shortly be displayed.

My resume is here.